Zuckerberg’s testimony reveals perilous path to regulation | Value Investing News

Zuckerberg’s testimony reveals perilous path to regulation

  • However, as we have discussed before , strict regulations on data ownership and privacy are more likely to have severe adverse unintended consequences for smaller publishers and can serve to further entrench the incumbents (Facebook and Google).
  • The GDPR prohibits the collection and/or use of any personal identifying data (including IP addresses) unless the user consents, and even then, the use is limited to the purpose for which the data is collected in the first place.
  • In a similar vein, Google’s response to the GDPR has been to remove all personal identifying data from its AdSense program, which effectively renders the Google Network publishers’ ad inventory worthless as they can no longer target ads, and ultimately hurts smaller publishers far more than it hurts Google.
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