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Your future retirement income is on sale

The stock market has finally started going down. This is great news for those investors, who are in the accumulation phase. When you are able to purchase shares are lower entry prices, you end up purchasing future dividend income on sale. Investors in the accumulation phase should therefore be praying for lower prices during their work careers.

Retirees should ignore stock price fluctuations and focus on their dividend checks. This is where it pays to focus on dividend dependability for each company you bought in the first place.

Intelligent dividend investors view stocks as partial ownership shares of real businesses. They do their research in uncovering those businesses, and then try to buy existing owners out at bargain prices. They can then sit back, monitor their business interests, and collect dividends one check at a time. After all, if you owned an apartment building next to a college that is always occupied, you won’t give a damn if their quoted valued fell by 5% - 10%- 20% in one single day. As long as you can rent your building out, you should do just fine by ignoring “quoted values”.

I am starting to get giddy for a change. While I have hit my objectives, I am still saving and investing. This is why I will continue buying one or twice per month, whenever I have money to invest. Some of my money is automatically invested through my 401 (k), while the rest is invested manually in my taxable accounts.

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