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What are you buying on the dip?

Where do you see an overreaction that we can exploit? Post here!


I've picked up DFC as I like Pabrai's thesis on it and it is finally trading at his average price (roughly). There has been alot of online talk about JNJ, perhaps 2009 or 2010 LEAPs are in order.

Anyway, I just wanted to post a positive note as it is never fun to watch your balances shrink even though we all know it means more value opportunities.

Chinese (JADE) LJ International is interesting. lost half of its market cap in past 10 days. grows eps 20% + a year. forward pe 8. a lot of fear here. they are late with an annual report and are facing delisting but are fighting it. no signs of accounting scandal that i know of. my only concern is if they do get delisted are the shares on the NASDAQ still good? get transfered to OTC or pinksheet fine?

Have you picked up more shares of DFC since it has dropped to around $4?

I'm gonna take a look at HDL

With Whitman accumulating such a large position I can see why you're attracted to handleman.

I just love summer markdowns!

I just added MWRK to the FPF Portfolio and I added a new odd lot tender offer to the Special Situations Real Money Port that was just discussed on VIN. I'm also building up a NCAV position.

I've never explored MWRK but the price to cash flow looks attractive.

what do you think about their debt?

Mothers Work has a good amount of debt, but I believe that it is managable. The market sure doesn't seem to like it though.

Any ideas for a cheap homebuilding stock?

how about build a bear workshop. this company is poised for a buy out offer.BBW

If you are looking for ideas still, you might be interested in my article about today's greatest percent declining stocks.

i like that big list. ill make sure to take a look at it

Now homebuilding,banks looks good, but don't know how long the bottom will last, checking the history- it takes on an average 3-5 years for homebuiding activity to come back alive.
Anybody has idea about NLS?

read an argument for Primus Guaranty, Ltd. (PRS) less than tangible book, .33 peg real profitable. i don't understand the business very well though.

Did anyone pick up an other names this week? Stocks are getting cheaper and cheaper.

Im going to pick up some DFC tomorrow

I was going thru 10k,q and latest securitizations again. Looks like BBB and below category they are taking lot of hits. What will be the delinq. & bankr. % you would consider now? Plus what about any margin call and weahouse interest rate?Also, comparing last three years of FICO score, lending standard getting lax year by year. As Pabrai said low risk-high uncertainity, but now looks high risk-high uncertainity. (Though I picked up some more too-at 5-still think if they can get 2-3 more securitization, they will be ok and stronger.)

Well, I certainly got burned on DFC rather quickly; however, I will wait until tomorrow's announcement before I decide to purchase more shares. I don't like it when companies are late in their filing regardless of the reason.

But well that is normal, if patience is long then burning will be short. Anyway, How would you value DFC now?(and did you sign up for CFA level 2?-I signed up and got the books too).

Yes, I signed up for level 2 today. How does the material look? I only used Schweser material for level 1. I think I will revisit a valuation of DFC as soon as I know what has changed. So far there really isn't any real new information.

Anyone have an opinion on Best Buy BBY here at $43 or lower?

Books looks fancy than 1st level! I am engineering background so many things looks new and in detail then first level.

I forgot to update this: I "doubled down" on DFC at $4.20 on August 17th.

Can someone lead me to Pabrai's DFC thesis? I am curious what it was. I know he is a large and involved investor there, I'm just curious what his reasons are.


Several of the Delta Financial (DFC) links on VIN point to articles and video interviews that discuss some of Pabrai's DFC thesis. Just follow that link and hopefully your question will be answered.