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Wanted: Book Recommendation

A member of my family is smitten by the seemingly easy money to be made in real estate. I of course disagree, but the argument is futile. I'd like to help her be more successful in choosing a property. Is there a book on investing in real estate that sticks to the tenants of Value Investing? "Value Investing in Real Estate" by Gary Eldred looks like a poor choice.

Any help would be appreciated. My thoughts on DCF and NOI were not very persuasive.


I've been thinking about real estate myself. I'd be interested in hearing any recommendations on a value investing oriented real estate book.

Nick, maybe your family would believe Phil Town's take on real estate investing. He is very persuasive in a TV guru sort of way that connects with the general masses.

I'm still looking for a book on real estate investing a la Benjamin Graham but nothing really comes to mind. Maybe someone else here will come to the rescue with an answer to our question.

Thanks for the recommendation George. I'll take a look at Phil's site.

hi everyone,
Thanks for the book recommendation, I never thought to have a book for Real Estate Learning, I will definitely buy real estate books now, Can you please tell me any online source for these books

Thanks :)