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Ten Dividend Paying Companies Working Tirelessly For Their Owners

As a dividend growth investor, my goal is to generate a stream of income, which grows above the rate of inflation.

For the past decade that I have been doing that, my annual organic dividend growth has easily outpaced the historical rates inflation by a factor of 2 or more. In fact, the dividend increases by my portfolio have always been higher than the annual raises I receive at work.

I do not have to spend 40 - 60 hours per week placing cover sheets on TPS reports, nor do I need to waste time in pointless meetings that could have been resolved with a single email. Having a dividend portfolio is like having a tireless employee, who works 24 hours/day, seven days/week, 365 days/year, who shares all of their income with me. Their raises are much higher than what I could get for working extremely hard.

It is not wonder that I have fully embraced the power of dividend investing - I love getting paid and receiving regular raises, even if I do not work hard. Most of the work in building a dividend machine is done upfront. If I did my job of security selection well, I could afford to do nothing for years, and simply enjoy a rising stream of income from my diversified list of dividend paying companies. I would be paid for decades, for an investment decision made a long time ago.

As part of my monitoring process, I review the list of dividend increases every single week. I use this exercise to monitor existing holdings, and also to monitor companies I may be interested in down the road.

I isolated the companies which have a ten year track record of annual dividend increases. The companies include:

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