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Book presentation: Excess Returns: a comparative study of the methods of the world's greatest in

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This is a pdf presentation of the book Excess Returns: a comparative study of the methods of the world's greatest investors. The presentation explains the various topics that are discussed in the book and show plenty of practical examples to understand the main points.

Occidental Petroleum Corporation, 4-Star Stock With A High Free Cash Flow Payout

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Occidental Petroleum Corporation is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the U.S., OXY has global exploration and production operations. Its subsidiary, OxyChem, is one of the largest U.S. merchant marketers of chlorine and caustic soda. Linked here is a detailed analysis and commentary...

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Dividend Growth Stocks: General Mills, Inc. (GIS) Dividend Stock Analysis

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General Mills, Inc. is a major producer of packaged consumer food products, include cereal, yogurt and Betty Crocker desserts/baking mixes. Linked here is a detailed analysis and commentary...

Graham Number - Stock Screen for Dividend Investors

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The Graham Number is part of Benjamin Graham’s stock screen for dividend investors. It uses price in relation to earnings and book value to identify the relative valuations of stable dividend stocks.

Dividend Growth Stocks: 6 High-Yielding Mega-Cap Stocks

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There is perceived safety in size. Giant corporations aren't randomly grown. Instead, they are carefully built through superior management and foresight. Often these are more mature companies that also offer stability and predictability, usually at the expense of dynamic growth. These are your mega-cap stocks....

5 Dividend Stocks Paying More Cash

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When selecting income investments, the three most important questions to answer are: 1.) Is the investment increasing its dividend each year, 2.) Is the increase likely to continue to do so into the future and 3.) Are you being compensated for the risk you are taking? When you answer yes to all three of the questions, you just might have found an excellent income investment.

Performance - Week Ending 11/21/2014

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The greatest investors also consider when they will the invested money instead of when they should sell.