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Seven Dividend Stocks Rewarding Shareholders With a Raise

Every week, I review the list of dividend increases as part of my monitoring process. I usually focus my attention on companies that have managed to boost annual dividends for at least a decade. This increases the odds of identifying companies that pay dependable dividends, and are committed to growing them over time. I then also review the trends in operating performance, such as earnings per share, in order to determine whether the business can support future dividend hikes.I follow a similar,but slightly more detailed process every few weeks or so, when I screen the list of dividend champions and contenders for investment opportunities. All of this helps me familiarize with story of as many companies as possible. That way, when the right quality company is available for sale at a good valuation, I can take action.

There were several companies which raised dividends to shareholders over the past week. The companies include:

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