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I found chapters 13, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22,and 24. I couldn't find the other chapters; I'm tired, but I'll look again later (we're still missing 8 chapters). I hope everyone enjoys reading the book.

Thanks! This is pretty amazing. I looked all over for Chapter 12 but I had no luck. I'm pretty certain that it wasn't published in September or October 2002 on Fool.com. I even used archive.org to look back at the site as it was in 2002.

I really want to read chapter 24 on CA Inc. Can anybody care to direct me how to access this info. tq

It looks like we are only missing 7 sections. Feel free to post them up if you find them.

"Dhandho!" -Motley Fool August 2002
Latticework-II -Silicon India Magazine (SIM) August 2002
On Avoiding Enron-itis! - SIM May 2002
Yes, But I Like to Punt! -SIM April 2002
Is It TIme to Buy Infosys? -SIM 2001
Computer Associates- A Good Business Model Gone Awry -SIM September 2001
The Intrinsic Value of Microsoft, Intel, and Cisco - SIM January 2001


Did anyone find these? I had a look on SIM but couldn't find anything. I will take another look though.

BTW, thanks very much for posting all of these links. Fantastic!



I'm glad you enjoyed them. I went through SIM month by month year by year. I'm 90% certain they are not available online.

This article is available on SIM, I downloaded yesterday.
I think it is from January 2002.
Hope this helps, it would be great to find the remaining chapters.

I found the link to this article, "Is it time to Buy Infosys?" I added above to the Poor Man's Mosaic outline. Anyone know which chapter this one is?

Chapter 19!

What is SIM?

Silicon India Magazine - Google it, they have a website with past issue archives.

ohh okay thanks

I'm curious why only some of the SIM articles are up. Has anyone tried to contact the website and ask if they have the rest of his articles, for example Latticework II?

Good Idea, but no I haven't contacted them.

It is great that I can read these chapters online. I really enjoyed reading these even I have not finished yet. Thanks very much to collect these chapters. I greatly appreciated the effort.

My pleasure! We really should thank Mohnish and his publisher for keeping these articles accessible.

Does anybody has idea about valuation for Compucredit? It is 52 week low and shareholder's latter seems very interesting...

Read this: Mohnish and CCRT if you haven't already.

it was very interesting discussion...

Chapter 11 should be called Dhando!, all of the subsequent chapter numbers should then be moved up one.



Thank you for catching the error!

I just added a link to my summary of Chapter 11 of Mosaic. This chapter was titled Dhando! and I believe was the inspiration for The Dhandho Investor.

I just added my summary of Chapter 13: Latticework II to Poor Man's Mosaic.

Nice find sri! This is indeed part of the Chapter 26. I wonder if the Intel and Cisco valuations by Pabrai are also available on SiliconIndia.com. Anyone find either of those?

I updated Poor Man's Mosaic to include a link "Valuation By Intrinsic Value."

On second thought, your link is to Chapter 25 on Intrinsic Value. Chapter 26 is still missing.

I also added "Avoiding Enron-itis!" and "Yes, But I Like to Punt!" this week.

I just stumbled across this valuable resource and want to thank those responsible for its creation. A huge thanks to George and Nick (and anyone else who had a hand in this).
I know what I'll be reading tonight!

Happy Investing,
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Welcome Jim,

I'm glad you found my Poor Man's Mosaic useful. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share your impressions of the book here in the forum when you are done reading it.

Hi Guys,

It appears that many of the links to SIM from Chapter 11-26 is not working. I am being directed to a page stating that I have typed in the wrong url? However, articles on the Street.com are working just fine. Please advice? Alternatively, if anybody has stored articles 11-26 be it in whole or in part please email them to me at HmwES@hotmail.com. Thanks a dozen!

It looks like SIM restructured its site. I believe most of the chapters are still available but at new links. I'll work on updating those links this week.

Hi George,

Any updates after such a long time? I will also like to enquire how do I edit my posting after I submitted the post?

I went through all the links on Poor Man's Mosaic and updated them. Sadly, thestreet.com links are now behind a pay-wall.