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March Contest Winner

Congratulations Nick! He is the March 2007 Value Investing News member contest winner. With 462 points, Nick was the most active member of Value Investing News in March.

His prize is one free pass to Value Investing Congress West on May 8 & 9, 2007. I am sure Nick will enjoy this amazing prize. If you are considering going to Value Investing Congress West, please use the previous link to make your reservation.

I want to thank everyone for all your contributions this past month to Value Investing News. I will be announcing a prize shortly for the April contest that will be sponsored by Value Investor Insight. Please help support Value Investing News by visiting our prize sponsors. This month you can support Value Investing News by signing up for a free one month trial of Value Investor Insight. Thanks!


Wahoo! Value Investing Congress West here I come!Thanks George and VIN for this awesome opportunity!

Nick glad to see you are excited for Value Investing Congress West. I wish I could go as well. You'll have to let us know all about it.

Thanks for all the great contributions this month, Nick.