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I've started to notice quite a few professionals using LinkedIn for professional networking. I thought it might be a good idea to get members of Value Investing News "LinkedIn".

Share your LinkedIn profiles below. You can use the button below to visit my LinkedIn profiles. I'm a bit lonely right now on LinkedIn so I'm more than happy to start making some connections.

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Alright George,

I signed up, but I can't say that I'll be too active. Who knows?
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I think you should create a VIN group.

Thanks everyone for connecting to me via LinkedIn. Feel free to use this space to link up with other members of the Value Investing News community.

If folks are interested, I could modify the VIN profile pages to allow members to add their LinkedIn profiles. Currently, you can link to one webpage in your profile. That could be your LinkedIn profile, MySpace page, or blog.

Set up my profile


Mr. Wallstreet,

The link you provided doesn't link to your public profile page.


Hello Gents,

Here is my profile:

I've added a few of you.

Thank you for adding me into your LinkedIn network, Jason, and thanks everyone else who has also added me.

I had an idea. If we all add "Value Investing News" as an Interest "Groups and Associations" in our LinkedIn profiles, we can click on that term in our profiles to find all of the other VIN members that are LinkedIn. Does that sound like a good idea?

Sounds good I'll ad that now!

Actually, it would probably be more appropriate to add Value Investing News under "Groups and Associations". I think of Value Investing News as a group dedicated to weeding through all the noise in the financial markets and finding the real news.

Dumb comment removed

This job was e-mailed to me from linkedin. Great position if you can move overseas.

Research Analyst at Third Avenue Management