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July Contest - FPF Contributor's Corner

This month I will be giving away premium memberships to Fat Pitch Financials Contributor's Corner, the best online source for going private transactions, odd lot tender offers, and other special situation opportunities on the web.

This month the contest will run with slightly different rules. Each point you earn this month will get you a chance to win one of the prizes this month. The top prize for July will be a free six month membership to Fat Pitch Financials Contributor's Corner. The second and third prizes will be a one month membership to Contributor's Corner.

If you are interested in sponsoring a future members contest here at Value Investing News, please contact us. These contest are an excellent cost effective means of reaching the online value investing community.


I won a subscription a while back and can say that if I would have purchased a 1 years subscription it would have already payed for itself three times. Don't wait -join now. If you win I'm sure George will just extend your subscription!!

"If you win I'm sure George will just extend your subscription!!"
Yes, I would just extend your subscription.

Are there any other ways to win points besides posting news?

You can win points by also commenting, voting, and participating in the forum. You get extra points for stories promoted to the front page. Further details are obscured to avoid people gaming the system.

Also is there a way to figure out if your news story has been posted already? Thanks.


You can use the search feature to see if a story has already been posted. Also, when you submit a new link to a story it should automatically check to see if it is already in the system.

"and participating in the forum" indeed, it could use some participation. value investors all at one site(which is rare)and not many ideas bouncing around. were basically on the same page.