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Festival of Stocks #37

Welcome to the May 21, 2007 edition of the Festival of Stocks. This 37th edition is being hosted at the Value Investing News Blog. The Value Investing Blog is a blog that covers developments at the Value Investing News community.

Value Investing News is a community driven value investing news site. You can submit links to news items, bid up stories to the front page, bid down stories, and make comments. It is also the home of the Festival of Stocks. Other features include our enhanced annual reports reading room, browser toolbar, and our forum. We are currently running a contest for the month of May, so be sure to register and participate for a chance to win. Now with that little plug out of the way, let's get on with this week's Festival entries.

Stock Analysis

Stock Buy List Update posted at My Wealth Builder
Stock picks based on a modified version of the Unemotional Investor Growth system from the book The Unemotional Investor by Robert Sheard.
Stocks: COH, AVT, CBG, ALB

Dividend Stock Analysis - Lowe’s Companies Inc posted at Investment Jungle
This stock analysis find Lowe's trading close to its intrinsic value.
Stocks: LOW

Is Early Release of Study Data to Doctors Unfair? posted at BioHealth Investor
Did you know it is a common, and expected practice, to release study results and preliminary data of major studies to doctors and members of medical associations ahead of major conferences? I didn't and am a bit shocked that this market influencing data is allowed to be leaked.

Uranium spot price - what is it? posted at MyDotMoney.Com
Learn about the Uranium spot price and discover three ways how you can invest in it.
Stocks: CCO.TO, DML.TO, JNN.V, U

Bexel Corp (BXL) posted at Stock Market Prognosticator
An analysis of a Net Current Asset Value stock. I appreciate that the author highlights some of the negative aspects of this stock.
Stocks: BXL

Dell lawsuit: What's ahead? posted at Sox First
First Dell gets into trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission for its accounting. Now, New York is suing Dell for cheating customers. What’s next?
Stocks: DELL

Access Chinese A-Shares Bubble From New York posted at Trader's Narrative
Learn how to access A-Shares using the Morgan Stanley’s China A-Share Fund.

Chasing 39% profit a year posted at Interactive Investor Blog
Historical tests show Dr Keith Anderson's 'Naked' PE ratio has awesome predictive potential, but does it work in today's markets? The Durham (UK) University academic reveals his latest stock picks.

General Investing

Equity Valuation Class: Country Equity Risk Premiums and Betas posted at Fat Pitch Financials
These are my notes from session four of Aswath Damodaran's equity valuaton class. We are running a study group for this class, and it's not too late to join.

Zecco Free Trades Broker Review, Part 2: Corrections, Funds Transfers, and Trading Experiences posted at MyMoneyBlog
Jonathan provides a detailed review of Zecco. Of particular note Jonathan writes, "Their reorganization fee of $15 is cheaper than most other brokers I’ve used. Therefore, I also plan to use this account for any future going-private transactions I participate in."

Mutual Fund SAI - Should I Ask For It? posted at FIRE Finance
Information every mutual fund owner should know about.

Stock Analysis - Beta and Alpha posted at The Mad Money Analyst
A quick review of what Beta and Alpha are.

Sometimes You Should Roll The Dice posted at Fletchlivesforecasts
This trader/speculator discusses the motivation for starting a blog.

Investment Strategies Reduce Risk posted at Penny Pinching
Some basic strategies for new investors. I'm not sure they are really risk reducing strategies, but these guidelines will keep you out of trouble.

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