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Paulson & Co Sells Some Extended Stay America / ESH Hospitality

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  • John Paulson's hedge fund firm Paulson & Co has submitted numerous SEC filings regarding its position in Extended Stay America and ESH Hospitality.
  • Per a Form 4, Paulson sold 4.67 million shares of STAY and ESH Hospitality on November 18th at $14.76 as part of a secondary offering.
  • "Extended Stay America and ESH Hospitality are paired shares. Per the filing,"Each paired share is comprised of one share of common stock of Extended Stay America and one share of Class B common stock of ESH Hospitality, which shares are paired and traded as a single unit.

Balyasny Asset Management Boosts Emerge Energy Services Stake

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  • Dmitry Balyasny's hedge fund firm Balyasny Asset Management has filed a 13G with the SEC regarding shares of Emerge Energy Services.
  • Per the filing, Balyasny now owns 8.2% of EMES with 2.26 million shares.
  • The filing was made due to activity on November 18th. For more from this fund, we've highlighted other recent portfolio activity from Balyasny here.

Carlson Capital Trims Forestar Group & Archrock Positions

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  • Clint Carlson's hedge fund firm Carlson Capital has filed two separate 13D's with the SEC. Carlson Trims Forestar Group Position.
  • First, Carlson has submitted a 13D filing on Forestar Group which indicates they now own 7.55% of FOR with 2.54 million shares.
  • Second, Carlson Capital also submitted an SEC filing regarding their stake in Archrock.

ValueAct Capital Reduces Allison Transmission Stake

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  • Jeff Ubben's activist investment firm ValueAct Capital has filed a 13D with the SEC regarding its position in Allison Transmission.
  • ValueAct still owns 10.52 million shares.
  • This is the second time ValueAct has trimmed its Allison Transmission stake in recent months.

Welling on Wall Street Interview With Boyar Value Group

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  • Welling on Wall Street recently interviewed Boyar Value Group's Mark Boyar and Jonathan Boyar and talked about various topics including: their investment strategy, some of their current favorite stock ideas, and behavioral finance.
  • On investing, Mark Boyar noted that, "Patience is probably one of the most important elements of stock market investing. First, you have to find the great business at a good price, then you have to have patience, the fortitude and the ability to withstand gyrations in the stock market. That element is critically important."

12 West Capital Exits Diana Containerships & Euroseas Positions

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  • Joel Ramin's hedge fund 12 West Capital has filed two 13D's with the SEC regarding shares of Diana Containerships and Euroseas.
  • Per the filings, 12 West no longer owns any shares of either company as of November 17th. Shares of DCIX and ESEA spiked massively in mid-November and it looks like the fund took advantage of that to liquidate its positions.

Joho Capital Adds To GrubHub Position

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  • Robert Karr's Joho Capital has filed a 13G with the SEC regarding its position in GrubHub.
  • Per the filing, Joho now owns 5.1% of the company with over 4.37 million shares.
  • This means they've increased their position size by 935,100 shares since the end of the third quarter when they owned 3.43 million shares.

Low Cost No Commission ETF Portfolios

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Low Cost No Commission ETF Portfolios are the best approach for investors to get started with small investment amounts.
Arbor Investment Planner is Introducing Two Real-Time Low Cost No Commission Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Portfolios.

The Biggest Investment Mistakes - in the Words of Jean-Marie Eveillard, Howard Marks, et al.

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John Mihaljevic, Managing Editor of The Manual of Ideas, compiled a list of fund managers' response to his questions about their investment mistakes. There are great responses from Jean-Marie Eveillard, Howard Marks, Pat Dorsey, Guy Spier, and more.


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