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Carl Icahn: The Life Of An Activist Investor

  • If you’ve ever wonder what it’s like to be an activist investor, you may want to take a look at Carl Icahn’s latest open letter to the shareholders of HP and his strong criticism of the HP board for not pursuing its possible acquisition by Xerox.
  • I cannot believe that the recalcitrance of HP’s board is driven by any real confidence in its standalone restructuring plan, which the market, shareholders and analysts met with extreme indifference and which seems to amount to little more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic .
  • The road to the graveyard on Wall Street is littered with the bones of companies, such as Eastman Kodak, which wasted a great deal of valuable time by coming up with one ill-fated plan after another and also failed to act decisively when transformative opportunities presented themselves.
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