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Holiday Revenue Sharing Bonus

Happy Thanksgiving!

To show my thanks for your great contributions to Value Investing News, I have raised the Adsense revenue share for member to 100% (It's normally set at 50%) until the end of the year to celebrate the holidays.

Syndicate Value Investing News

Do you love Value Investing News front page headlines? If you do, you are going to love the syndication widget I put together with the help of Feedburner. Just cut and paste the code below onto your website and it will produce a list of current headlines from Value Investing News.

Explore with the New Menu

I added a new menu today on the right side that allows you to "Explore" the site better. You can now browse by article category, stock ticker or visit the Forum or this blog.

Hopefully, this menu will better help you find your way around Value Investing News. Please let us know if you have any suggestions regarding this menu.

October Winners!

I'm happy to announce the winners of the Octerber User Prizes here at Value Investing News. As I announced earlier in the month, the top 2 highest users at the end of October will receive copies as well as 1 randomly selected member.

October is now over, so here are the winners:

Top Users

  • deepvalue
  • rjstc

Randomly Selected User

  • Leadsteer

There are 3 more copies of The Little Book of Value Investing that will be given away in November. Once again, the top two users on Value Investing News will win copies of the book as well as one randomly selected member. The user points have been reset, so everyone now has an equal chance of winning.

News Ticker is Back

The Value Investing News ticker is back, but in a new location. It's now right at the top of the site. The ticker displays the 10 most recently posted story links.

I tested the ticker in IE6, IE7, and Firefox and it seems to work well in all three. Please let us know if you run into any problems with the new Value Investing News ticker. We welcome your feedback on how the ticker looks and functions. Feel free to leave your comments below or use the contact form.

Value Investing Search

A new feature was just added to Value Investing News. You can now search the leading value investing sites on the web exclusively from one search box. This search engine is powered by Google Co-op.

The new search feature is available in the left column under "Value Investing Search". You can get involved in the Value Investing Search project by visiting the Value Investing Search Google Co-op page.

Ticker Down

The news ticker has been temporarily removed. I just realized that it breaks the site in Internet Explorer 7.

I downloaded a copy of Internet Explorer 7 this morning and I realized that Value Investing News was not displaying properly in the new browser. Since Microsoft (MSFT) has announced that they will push the new browser out through their Windows auto-updater by the end of the month, I figured that I better get ahead of the curve and test it myself. Luckily, the only feature that I noticed impacted by IE7 was the news ticker. I'm currently testing an alternative ticker that should be even better than the original one.

Monthly Contests

Win a copy of The Little Book of Value Investing.

The Little Book of Value Investing cover

The top 2 highest users at the end of October will receive copies as well as 1 randomly selected member.

The October contest is sponsored by John Wiley & Sons. They have also been gracious enough to sponsor the November contest as well.

Welcome to the Value Investing News Blog

Welcome to the official Value Investing News Blog. We will be using this blog to keep you up to date on the development of the Value Investing News community.

We welcome your feedback on the current site and look forward to seeing any suggestions you might have for further enhancements. There are already several features in the development pipeline that we think you will really enjoy.

Many features require you to become a member of the site since they are customized to your preferences, so please consider registering today. You email address will never be shared with outside parties.


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