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April Contest - Value Investor Insight

Value Investing News is giving away a free one year membership to Value Investor Insight in April!

March Contest Winner

Congratulations Nick! He is the March 2007 Value Investing News member contest winner. With 462 points, Nick was the most active member of Value Investing News in March.

His prize is one free pass to Value Investing Congress West on May 8 & 9, 2007. I am sure Nick will enjoy this amazing prize. If you are considering going to Value Investing Congress West, please use the previous link to make your reservation.

Value Investing Congress West Discount Ends in 48 Hours

The discount being offered to Value Investing News readers for Value Investing Congress West ends on March 30th. There is the possibility that you could win a free pass, but the current highest user has quite a lead.

February Contest Winner

The February Contest winner is Nick. Congratulations Nick and thank you for all your contributions to Value Investing News this past month. The runner up was Geoff.

I look forward to spotlighting Nick's link of your choice in March. Nick, please provide your link in the comments section below. Geoff, please also provide your link below as well.

March Contest - Value Investing Congress

Value Investing Congress Value Investing News has been able to secure one free pass to the May 8 & 9 Value Investing Congress West! is generously sponsoring the March contest here at Value Investing News. Value Investing Congress will provide the member with the highest user points at the end of March 2007 with a free pass to the Value Investing Congress West.

Layout Updates

I finally killed off a few layout bugs that were impacting IE7 users. You might have noticed that long ticker lists caused the left column to be bumped off the screen. I fixed that and a few other problems. I also enhanced the appearance of the Google Adsense ads we all benefit from.

Let me know what you think of these changes. Are there any more visual bugs that need squashing?

Content Recommendations Upgrade

I recently upgraded the engine that provides recommendations here at Value Investing News. The recommendations are based on your voting on stories and the voting of other members on stories. The recommendations are then processed by the powerful Slope One algorithm.

  • You can spot the recommendations engine in action when you click on the Recommendations tab at the top of the page.

February Contest

Win a spot in the spotlight at Value Investing News this month.

The top user at the end of February will have a link of their choice placed in the Spotlight here at Value Investing News for the whole month of March. The runner up will get to have a Spotlight link for one week. The link can be to your blog, company, user profile (boost your revenue share), or a charity. Use it to promote yourself, make money, or support your favorite charity.

January Contest Winners

January's user contest was for free membership to Fat Pitch Financials Contributor's Corner.

I was amazed at how fierce the competition was this month. Until this morning, Jason and Nick were neck in neck. However, this morning Nick crushed the competition by adding almost another 40 points. So the final results are:

Stock Ideas - New 52-Week Lows

I thought members might be interested in a daily updated list of unloved stocks. I added a list of stocks hitting 52-week lows in the right hand column.

The list includes the company's full name, ticker, and a link to stock quotes and financial information at ADVFN.

If you spot a good value opportunity on that list, be sure to post a note about it in the Forum.

MyBlogLog Recent Visitors

I just added a new item towards the bottom of the left sidebar. Under the heading, Recent Visitors, I installed a MyBlogLog widget. It displays a list of recent readers along with their pictures. The widget also includes a link to the Value Investing News Reader Community.

I thought this new feature could help members learn a bit more about the other members of this community. It may also raise awareness of Value Investing News among other online investors who are members of MyBlogLog.

January Contest

Sorry about the delay in announcing the January contest here at Value Investing News. This month I will be giving away premium memberships to Fat Pitch Financials Contributor's Corner, the best online source of going private transactions and other special situation opportunities on the web.

The user with the highest points at the end of January will receive a free six month membership to Fat Pitch Financials Contributor's Corner. The runner up will receive a one month membership for free. Finally, one random active member will also receive a one month membership to Contributor's Corner.

December Contest Winners

I am pleased to announce the December Contest winners here at Value Investing News. Drum roll please...

The winners with the most user points for December are:

And the randomly selected member to win is:

December Contest

Last month, a member suggested that Value Investing News give away a copy of James Altucher's Trade Like Warren Buffett. It sounded like a great suggestion to us, so we contacted James Altucher to see if he would be interested in sponsoring the monthly contest.

November Contest Winners

I'm happy to announce the winners of the November User Prizes here at Value Investing News. As I announced earlier in the month, the top 2 highest users at the end of November will receive copies as well as 1 randomly selected member.

November is now over, so here are the winners:

Top Users

  • Jason
  • Rick1952

Randomly Selected User

  • myrhaejuon

The December prizes will be announced shortly, so stay tuned.


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