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February Contest - Old School Value

Even though February is a short month, we still have an excellent contest in store for members this month. Jae Jun of Old School Value has been kind enough to sponsor this month's contest. Old School Value is great value investing blog that often ends up being featured on the front page here at Value Investing News.

One of the key features of Old School Value is its great set of intrinsic value spreadsheets. These spreadsheets have been developed over months on the blog with input from the Old School Value community. The spreadsheets have evolved into a full-fledged product and have become a premium offering on Old School Value.

In fact, there are actually seven premium Intrinsic Value Spreedsheets featured. The spreadsheets automatically import financial information and feature very attractive graphs of key fundamentals. With prices starting from $6.95, this product is a great bargain considering the amount of information you will receive as well as the time and effort you will save in determining the intrinsic value.

The system requirements for these spreadsheets are as follows:

  • Windows. (Macs are not supported unless you run Windows off it.)
  • Excel 2003 or newer
  • Internet connection
  • A computer that isn’t 5-10 years old
  • RAM having more than 3 digits. i.e. > 100mb
  • Does not calculate Financial companies. Refer to PDF.

 You could win one of these excellent spreadsheet packages this month on Value Investing News. Old School Value is providing the following prizes for the February contest:

  • 1st prize to the top user point earner: Full Package Spreadsheets
  • 2nd prize to the second highest user point earner: 5yr DCF + Graham Spreadsheet
  • 3rd price to a randomly selected active user: 10yr DCF spreadsheet

The winners will be announced on March 1, 2009. The prizes will be delivered via a digital download link to winners at the end of the month.