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October Contest - Active Value Investing

I am pleased to announce that fellow Value Investing News member, Vitaliy Katsenelson in partnership with publisher John Wiley & Sons, is sponsoring this month's user contest.

We will be giving away 3 signed copies of Active Value Investing: Making Money In Range-Bound Markets. You can learn more about this book at

The first copy of Active Value Investing will go to the top point earner for the month of October. The second copy will be given to the second highest point earner. Finally, the third copy will be given away to a randomly selected active member of Value Investing News. The winners will be announced on Halloween.

July Contest Winners

I happy to announce that the July VIN Contest winners have been drawn. This month we assigned one entry for each point accumulated by each member. Then we selected each of the winners.

What are you buying on the dip?

Where do you see an overreaction that we can exploit? Post here!


Recommendations Back

We think we got the "Recommendations" page back up and running again. Members who are logged in should now be able to get a list of recommended story links based on their past voting record and the voting patterns of other members.

Value in New Zealand?

I heard this fund manager on bloomberg or CNBC said he was finding growth companies at really low pe's in New Zealand even after this run-up. I could only find one etf of mostly Australian, 1 NZ company. the etf had a pe of about 6 and dividend yield of 7 or 8.


IE 6 Sidebar Bug Squashed and Other Visual Enhancements

I noticed that the right sidebar was dropping below the content when using Internet Explorer 6. It took me forever to isolate and discover a cure for the ailment, but it's now finally done. Hurray!

I've also started to tweak the typogragh and other stylistic components of the site. Hopefully, VIN will be even better looking than ever after I finish tweaking the details.

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June Contest Winners

I am pleased to announce the June Contest winners here at Value Investing News. Drum roll please...

The winners with the most user points earned in June are:

LinkedIn Value Investors

I've started to notice quite a few professionals using LinkedIn for professional networking. I thought it might be a good idea to get members of Value Investing News "LinkedIn".

Follow the Discussions; Subscribe to VIN Comments

You asked to be able to subscribe to comments, so we delivered! Here are the various comment RSS feeds you can subscribe to:

All comments:
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Forum topics:

Subscribing to Post Comments?


This may already be possible, but is there a way to subscribe, by email, to commentary on a story or responses on a forum post?

I think I would make discussion much easier if we could track favourite topics.


Reporting Duplicate Posts?


Is there anywhere to report duplicate posts? I found one here.


June Contest - The Dhandho Investor

Win a copy of The Dhandho Investor: The Low - Risk Value Method to High Returns.

The Dhandho Investor cover

The top 2 highest users at the end of June will receive copies as well as 1 randomly selected member. All you have to do is complete the registration process and be an active member of the Value Investing News community to win.

May Contest Winners

I am pleased to announce the May Contest winners here at Value Investing News. Drum roll please...

The winners with the most user points earned in May are:

Wanted: Book Recommendation

A member of my family is smitten by the seemingly easy money to be made in real estate. I of course disagree, but the argument is futile. I'd like to help her be more successful in choosing a property. Is there a book on investing in real estate that sticks to the tenants of Value Investing? "Value Investing in Real Estate" by Gary Eldred looks like a poor choice.


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