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The “All German Shares Series” – Intro

  • These days, I only have a relatively small domestic stock allocation left (P. Hartmann, Draeger, Innogy) and mostly screen for international stocks.
  • Time for change: Looking at every German share
  • I will look at the last annual report and at the most comprehensive German stock discussion forum “Wallstreet Online” to get an understanding of the company (by the way, if you digg deep you will find some posts from a guy called memyselfandi007 there, like this one from 16 yearsa ago: ) and then subjectively decide if this is a company that is worth going on a watch list or not super nano caps and everything that looks like a pump and dump penny stock will automatically be a “pass” as well as pure shell companies or defaulted ones (there is a surprising amount of crap listed on German exchanges…)
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