Dividend Growth Stocks: Nike, Inc. (NKE) Dividend Stock Analysis

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Nike, Inc. is the world's leading designer and marketer of high-quality athletic footwear, athletic apparel and accessories. Linked here is a detailed analysis and commentary...

Buffett: Saying no to pay plans is like 'belching'

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Warren Buffett said company directors rarely oppose compensation plans and he has voted for measures he didn't like.

CNBC transcript: Warren Buffett on Coke pay plan

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This is an unofficial transcript of Warren Buffett's April 23, 2014 live appearance on CNBC's "Closing Bell"

What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 4/23/14

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A look at the Aereo Supreme Court case [SCOTUSblog]

What's Alibaba really worth? [Value Venture]

Macro and micro inefficiencies in equity markets [Ada Investments]

Takeaways from a slew of recent earnings calls [Avondale]

Americans still don't trust the stock market [CNN Money]

The stock...

Risk Management Solutions in Investing

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Effective risk management solutions can be obtained through valuation based decisions in asset allocation planning and diversification of individual investments.

A New Zealand oddball; Tenon Ltd

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New Zealand is a bit of a hidden stock market far off the radar of most investors, let alone most travelers.  The tiny island nation's domestic market is limited forcing them to focus on export manufacturing.  What the country lacks in domestic industry they make up for in natural beauty....

Pershing Square's Presentation on Allergan/Valeant: The Outsider

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Bill Ackman's hedge fund firm Pershing Square Capital has released a presentation called "The Outsider" that details perspectives from Allergan's largest shareholder and talks about a potential combination with Valeant Pharmaceuticals (background on Pershing's involvement via that link).

One of...

Greenlight Capital's Q1 Letter: Sees Tech Bubble Forming

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David Einhorn's hedge fund firm Greenlight Capital is out with is first quarter letter.  In it, they talk about how a potential bubble in tech is forming.  As such, they've shorted a basket of momentum names in small size in order to manage risk.

Other main takeaways from the letter...

Sprue holding halved

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I've halved the Share Sleuth portfolio's holding in Sprue Aegis, ejecting 686 shares at £1.96, the actual price quoted by a broker. The company's prospects are good, but I expect to put the money to better use.
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How To Make Money On Stocks That Are Not Quite Cheap Enough To Buy

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n today's fairly valued market, there are still ways to make money while waiting for valuations to retreat to more reasonable levels. Here is one such strategy.

An Idea for When the Market is High

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Last night I was at the Towson University International Markets Summit.  I’m grateful to the students for inviting me, as it is an honor.  During the presentation, I mentioned the book “Accounting for Value” by Stephen Penman.  I reviewed the book two years ago.  A great book, and...

Why do value stocks outperform growth stocks?

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Value stocks tend to outperform growth stocks over long term. This is well known. The reason is often deceptively simple.

JANA's Barry Rosenstein on Activist Investing: Interview

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JANA Partners' Barry Rosenstein talked with CNBC today about activist investing and touched on his stake in Walgreen's (WAG).  Rosenstein says that the company has a "lot of levers to pull, including tax inversion."  Shares of WAG jumped during the interview and WAG is apparently JANA's...

Jeff Ubben on Valeant Pharmaceuticals and Microsoft: Interview

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ValueAct Capital's Jeff Ubben appeared on CNBC today to talk about some of his positions.  The activist investor talked about his stakes in Microsoft (MSFT) as well as his long-term holding in Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX), which is in the news today in a big way.

Late yesterday, we flagged...

Dividend Growth Stocks: Don't Touch These 5 Dividend Stocks!

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Has someone near and dear to you responded with a 'I was only trying to help' after royally messing something up? Have you ever tinkered with a computer, smart phone or something else only to learn it no longer works and you are not sure how to fix it? Our dividend stock investments can suffer the same fate if we provide them with too much of the wrong type of attention.